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Low-key Spiritual is a modern alternative to traditional talk therapy for those of us who prefer a total mind-body experience to healing and connecting deeper to ourselves.

Guiding clients through a journey of holistic healing.

Combining my background in social work and yoga, I approach this practice holistically and realistically. Pairing movement, meditation and breathwork based on your individual needs, goals and preferences, this therapeutic practice will provide you with the tools to get through difficult times, opening the doorway to lasting healing.

When we embrace this process fully, we can slow down, experience our feelings and work through limitations in order to move forward. As we harness these rituals everyday, we are able to step into our power and build a life that is filled with joy, peace and healing.

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Who I Work With

Are you willing to open yourself up to a new life?

The human experience is beautiful and it is also filled with challenges that we must overcome. At some point in each of our precious lives, we will experience our own versions of trauma, anxiety, stress, loss or grief.  Perhaps some of these more trying times have left you feeling ‘stuck’. You might be having a difficult time moving on from the past. Your path might feel blocked, preventing you from living a life of ease.

Maybe you find yourself struggling with your own self worth? Looking for help to find your purpose? Seeking ways to deepen your connection to yourself or invite more nourishing relationships into your orbit?

This is a potent time for you to contemplate and inquire, with intention, into your patterns, to invite more tenderness into your inner dialogue, and to bring more clarity to your work, life, relationships and overall well-being.

Work through life’s greatest challenges

My clients are curious and open to venturing along a spiritual path while also grounded in everyday human reality - and aware of the challenges that come along with it. They’re willing to experience new approaches of healing and are mindful about how they show up in the world and in their relationships. Or maybe they are in the beginning stages of this work and WANT to engage more consciously in these facets of life. They also don’t want to deal with the guesswork in finding the ‘right practice’ amidst all the noise - which can sometimes hinder progress in our healing journeys.

Are you willing to challenge yourself so that you can learn more and experience the grace of a deeper life experience? If so, I’d love to guide you on your journey of discovery and self realization!


As an empath who has worked through my own very real trauma, I offer a no nonsense approach, meeting my clients exactly where they are in their lives

No judgments. Lots of compassion. And a whole lot of love.

I draw from a range of therapeutic modalities rooted in both Eastern and Western philosophies, providing a perfect backdrop for the individual who wants to integrate more esoteric rituals into their lives, while still seeing concrete results that can be applied in the everyday real world.

My approach is an amalgamation of a variety of modalities including:

Mindfulness-Based Stress REduction
Trauma-Informed Yoga
Somatic therapy
Strength-Based Therapy

Yoga Nidra
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Blending yoga, mindfulness, and science.

It has been proven that yoga and mindfulness can change our neurological connections and help us heal. Beyond traditional talk therapy, I blend yoga, mindfulness, and science to provide essential healing around anxiety, trauma, grief and loss. This work can be extremely transformative for clients who are ready (and willing) to open to the possibilities and try something new.

I will partner with you to ensure you feel heard and seen. I will honor the place in you that needs to tell your story and have your upsets acknowledged, with the ultimate goal of changing the story and moving toward resolution. My role is to help you get more of what you want out of life. We will touch upon and access the wisdom of your body, because when we can process our emotions and feelings physically, we can create lasting change in our lives.



"Honestly, I don’t know where to start, my journeys been hard, both physically and mentally and I was truly ready for a way to deal with my anxiety in a positive way and that’s where LowKey comes into my life. After an initial 1-on-1, Francesca created a personalized plan for me, that included yoga, meditation, and journaling, that has helped me become more present in life and it feels great. I feel great. She has a true love for what she does and I can’t recommend her and LowKey Spiritual enough."
- Donnie
"Coming into this, I knew my experience would be unique because I suffer from debilitating migraines but Francesca’s personalized plan for me was great! There are days when class seems impossible but she’s always accommodating and understanding. Our check-ins are relaxed, I don’t feel pressured, and she’s always there by call/text/email. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with LowKey Spiritual and Francesca, whose HiKey awesome, you won’t find anyone like her!"
- Jana
Portrait of Francescaportrait of Francesca
About me


I am a trauma survivor.

As a survivor of assault, I know what it feels like to block out difficult feelings and emotions, only to have them resurface, waiting to be addressed. When I finally came to grips with my trauma, I realized why yoga and movement had been such a potent practice for me.

Yoga allowed me to be in my body and to feel safe while doing so. My yoga practice has served as a solid complement to my mental health work.

Together, they have helped me create a strong foundation to create clear boundaries, address patterns that kept me in unhealthy relationships and to cultivate a conscious way of interacting with the world around me.

Today, I am dedicated to demystifying yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork,

and sharing these practices to help others access stuck energy in their bodies in order to utilize them as essential tools for healing.

With over ten years in grief counseling, clinical social work, and yoga and mindfulness instruction, I became interested in utilizing mindfulness and yoga to access grief and move through it energetically to harness emotions in service of healing. Further studies in traditional chinese medicine, somatic therapy and trauma informed yoga have complimented my interdisciplinary fields of work and professional experience and have led me to creating a unique approach to holistic healing.




I believe mindfulness, meditation, movement and breathwork are the keys to stepping into our power and building a life that is filled with joy, peace and healing. I created the LKS Mantra Cards to introduce you to the power of these practices and to provide guidance if you are curious and don’t know where to start. Right now is the perfect time.

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