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Work With Me

Widen the lens to envision and actualize a more present self.

Take ownership of your thoughts and become an active participant in your life.

Write (or re-write) your story so you can experience joy, increase your self worth and attain your goals.

Transform your struggles and obstacles into teachings for growth.

Obtain more peace, clarity, and engagement in your life, in your relationships and the world around you.


A membership community with weekly, monthly and quarterly content focusing on utilizing somatic healing techniques and traditional talk therapy methods for a total mind-body experience to healing and connecting deeper to yourself.


1:1 Coaching

Healing can be a beautiful, yet challenging, process. 1:1 coaching provides you space and guidance to understand where you are now and how you can get aligned with your highest good. Step into your power and build a life that is filled with joy, peace and healing.


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