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Resources + Tools

Hi there. Over the years, I have discovered so many incredible resources that speak to the power of yoga and mindfulness (and a host of additional practices and modalities) in supporting our healing journeys. I’d love to share them with you! Below you’ll find a curated selection of articles, books, podcasts, playlists and meditations that will help you on your way of self-discovery. If any of these tools peak your interest and you’d like to go deeper in your practice with my guidance, please reach out. I’m here to support you as you connect to your inner knowing and transform your struggles and obstacles into opportunities for growth.


I believe mindfulness, meditation, movement and breathwork are the keys to stepping into our power and building a life that is filled with joy, peace and healing. I created the LKS Mantra Cards to introduce you to the power of these practices and to provide guidance if you are curious and don’t know where to start. Right now is the perfect time.

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Recommended Books

I’ve gathered a list of my favorite books for those looking to dive deeper on topics we might explore more in our work together. These are especially relevant for addressing trauma and stress/anxiety release.

PLEASE NOTE: These links will take you to my affiliate book list on BookShop. Bookshop shares 10% of each sale to support an independent bookstore and a 10% match to LKS.

Playlists for Practice